East Hartford digging out, dodged major hit

East Hartford streets were clear Monday, February 13 giving tired plow operators an opportunity to rest after three storms piled over two feet of snow and ice on local roads. Thursday's storm registered 19 inches of snow, and shoreline towns encountered blizzard conditions and white-outs caused dozens of accidents and spinouts on local roads and highways. Snow continued Sunday with ice topping the mix - and an additional weather encounter may take place Wednesday night into Thursday.

Snow amounts were highest in East Hartford Friday with 19 inches reported with drifts taller in many places. Cold settled in Monday with high winds.  http://radar.weather.gov/Conus/northeast_loop.php

The town used its emergency notification system Thursday to urge residents to "shelter in place" and dig out sidewalks and fire hydrants. Rubbish collection took place Thursday as the snow began, but school was cancelled and delayed Friday. Monday was Lincoln's Birthday so there was no school and town services were closed.

Thursday, Friday and Sunday police banned parking, lifting the ban at 11 a.m.

As wind swept the state, power companies asked customers to report outages by calling 1-800-286-2000 or by visiting m.cl-p.com. Check the state power outage map here: http://www.cl-p.com/outage/outagemap.aspx

Some advice:

Assemble or restock a storm kit and making arrangements to look out for families, friends and neighbors. A suggested "Storm Kit" video is on http://YouTu.be/X8Y_M4SO5oE

Charge your wireless devices.

Treat all downed wiring as if it is live. Stay at least 10 feet away and call 911 to report them.

Make sure your generator, if you use one, has been installed properly. A youtube video offers guidelines: http://youtu.be/IMD1pZc3EHM

The CT American Red Cross gives advice and links to resources www.ctredcross.org.